Gluten-Free Yom Kippur (breaking your fast)

Yom Kippur the day of Atonement, after a day of prayer and an all day fast, many will break their fast with juice, wine, and breads such as Challah and bagels, cakes, cookies, honey cakes, lox, cheeses and spreads.  

There are so many things today you can buy or make to have terrific alternatives to some traditional favorites.

Lox, cheese, white fish, cream cheese, sliced onions, and tomatoes are all naturally gluten-free.

Gluten-free rolls and bagels or crackers and cookies can be pre purchased

or make some homemade recipes such as:

Challah bread  

Potato flat bread  

Banana Bread  

Linzer Tarts 

Strawberry Shortcake   

 yom kippur, challah

I love making items that not only fit my diet, but food that is so good no one will even know it's gluten free!  

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