Bishop Burger

I call this dish a Bishop Burger. Sometimes decadence can really help with stress.  A lean grilled sirloin burger, topped with sautéed onions, a slice of reduced fat cheddar, one slice of bacon, 1 egg over easy, on an Udis gluten-free bun.

Gluten-free and delicious.  A messy, fatty meal that is really worth it, lighten it up with a side salad.

Make Low FODMAPs by omitting the onions

For each person, figure 5 oz. of uncooked beef to make each patty.  It will shrink some while it cooks.  If it's nice out, these are great on the grill, however a nice grill pan on your stove top is great too! Seasoning can be as easy as salt and pepper to taste on the burger.

To sautee the onions, I will slice the onion into thin strips.  Add the onions to a small non stick skillet with 1 tablespoon of butter.  Cook on LOW heat for at least 20 minutes until browned - these onions taste amazing on the burger!  

For the reduced fat cheddar cheese - check out Cabot Brand reduced fat cheeses.  They are aged a long time and have a great depth of flavor even though they are reduced fat.  

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