Lose Weight in 2015

Happy Gluten-Free New Year, and a New YOU!

Each New Year’s brings many goals and aspirations, such as “this will be the year that I will finally lose that excess weight” (a common New Year’s resolution). So keep this in mind, as you polish off the last slice of cheesecake, carton of eggnog, and tray of gluten-free cookies from Christmas Eve. Its time to start thinking of your plan of attack!

Preparation is always the key to a successful weight loss journey. Fail to prepare, and prepare to fail. This especially holds true for those who are following a gluten-free diet, which requires additional thought and planning.  Taking on a gluten-free lifestyle often causes food choices to be based on availability rather than what you truly desire to eat.  To compound the situation some of the gluten-free selections such as gluten-free; pizza, pasta, breads, pretzels, sweets and treats often contain more calories and fat than their gluten containing counterparts.

Consider this, a mere 8% of people have success with their New Year’s resolutions. Don’t get me wrong; there is always motivation in the moment that you make your resolutions, but life happens and you often get caught up in your usual day-to-day activities.  However, with proper tools, planning, and mindset we can beat these odds!

Remember to stay optimistic and don’t let discouragement bring you down. We’ve helped provide some top 10 weight loss tips to help accomplish your goals so you can be bikini ready by summer 2015!


  • Swap to Lose:


If you start your day with a gluten-free bagel slathered in butter 5x/week, swap it out 3x/week for an egg white omelet loaded with veggies and low fat cheese. You could also opt for gluten-free oatmeal with a teaspoon of peanut butter, or a gluten-free meal replacement shake.


  • Set up a schedule;


Write out a schedule for meals, snacks, and even working out. Making these changes part of your daily routine will allow this weight loss journey to be much easier.  When you finally make something a regular part of your day it becomes a habit, like brushing your teeth it’s hard to imagine skipping it.


  • Stock up:


Bring in your favorite healthy snacks such as:  fat free pudding, light yogurt, fresh fruit, low-fat string cheese, veggie sticks with hummus, gluten-free rice cakes and air popped popcorn in single sized portions. Never buy in bulk or family sized.  Keep healthy snacks at eye level, and hide unhealthful choices out of reach. Out of sight out of mind.


  • Do something special for yourself everyday:


When you don’t reward yourself you may feel like you’re missing out, this could lead to overeating.  Do something special for yourself, whether it is a bit of morning yoga stretches, indulging in an uninterrupted cup of coffee, calling a friend, or relaxing to your favorite music for ½ hour.  It is important to make some well-deserved me time.


  • Set small goals for yourself every week:


This could be walking 3x/week, attending group fitness classes with a friend, drinking more water, or even going to bed early! Allow for a week or two of before adding another goal so that your body and mind can make each new addition part of your routine.

Remember, our ultimate goal is to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle so the weight stays off. Fad diets do not work—slow and steady wins the race.


  • Recruit a friend:


Misery loves company. So while you are destined to have great motivated days, there will be times where you find yourself dragging your feet to get to get to the gym. Having a friend who is meeting you at the gym will help get you through the door. Being there for each other will be beneficial to both of you! Be each others motivation!


  • Make sure you have the tools you need:


Often when people start a healthful diet they often don’t have everything they need to be successful.  If you go out to eat a lot you may need to review menus with a registered dietitian to make better selections.  If you like to cook you may need to pick up a gluten-free cookbook which includes nutritional information with every recipe.  If you hate to exercise you may need to sign up for something you always wanted to do like dance lessons.  If you sabotage yourself whenever you pass certain sweets and treats you need to keep them out of site and find an alternative.


  • Prepare yourself:


-Download apps such as Myfitness pal and Nike run to keep you on track.

- Useful kitchen tools such as a food scale for meats, measuring cups for oatmeal, and measuring spoons for peanut butter can save a ton of calories rather than if you just eyeball it

- If you’re interested in taking group fitness classes grab a couple schedules. Post one on your refrigerator, stash another in your car, and one in your purse.


  • Stay Positive!


Everyone makes mistakes and falls off track.  If you overindulge a bit too much don’t allow it to turn into an all day binge. After having a slice of cake or couple of cookies put the rest away and get back to the plan--  it happened, don’t beat yourself up move on.

SOLUTION: A good way to reduce this from happening is having small planned meals and snacks spaced out equally throughout the day. A designated cheat meal 1x/week is also a great solution as well as keeping [binge] trigger foods out of the house.


  • Get Excited, Get Motivated!


This is the year you are going to reach your weight loss goals! Buy yourself a cute workout outfit or a quality pair of sneakers, stock your fridge with wholesome foods and psych yourself for the journey ahead!


Sometimes the biggest problem in kick starting your weight loss journey is finding a gluten-free diet plan. We have provided a sample meal plan of suggestions for you to choose from.  Every day has between 1200-1400 calories.  If you like one day better then the other, mix and match, the most important thing is to finds a variety to choose from.

Healthy 2015 Gluten-Free Regards.


Monday (1309-1349 Calories)

Breakfast (220-250 Calories)

½ cup uncooked gluten-free oatmeal + 6 almonds + ¼ cup fresh berries

AM Snack (100 Calories)

100 calorie gluten-free Greek yogurt

Lunch (400-450 Calories)

2 slices gluten free bread + 4oz. lean turkey burger + ¼ cup sautéed onions, 2 fresh tomato slices, and 1 tbsp. ketchup

NOTE: spice up your turkey burger (literally!). Throw in cayenne pepper, sea salt, thyme, whatever gluten-free seasoning your taste buds desire.

Snack (70 Calories)

1 medium apple

Dinner (450-500 Calories)

Stir fry with 4 oz. of boneless skinless chicken breast, 1 cup of cooked vegetable blend (carrots, broccoli, water chestnuts, snap peas) and 3/4 cup of cooked brown rice

1 tbsp. gluten free, reduced sodium soy sauce

Snack (60-70 Calories)

1 cup of baby carrots with 1 tbsp. of Hummus

Fitness Tip!

Don’t go at it alone! Find a workout buddy to help keep you accountable and on track. Make sure this pal is someone who will always motivate you, not bring you down, someone who will push you at times and can keep up physically ☺


Tuesday (1300-1400 Calories)

Breakfast (300-350 Calories)

1 omelet: ½ cup egg whites or egg beaters with 1 cup of veggies (peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach) and 3 ounces of lean ground turkey

1 100 calorie gluten-free Greek yogurt

Snack (250-300 Calories?)

Chocolate PB protein shake: Blend 1 scoop gluten-free chocolate protein powder+ 1/2 banana+1 tbsp. peanut butter+ 1 cup unsweetened almond milk

Lunch (300-350 Calories)

1 large salad with 2 cups of mixed veggies including romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, bell pepper (any color), carrots, ¼ sliced avocado

½ cup chickpeas

Balsamic vinegar (2 tbsp.)

Snack (60-70 Calories)

1 medium apple

Dinner (300-350 Calories)

4 ounces grilled Salmon with gluten-free herbs and spices

½ cup cooked quinoa

1 cup steamed broccoli

PM Snack (50 Calories)

1 1/2 cups of air popped gluten-free popcorn

Fitness Tip:

DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, just focus solely on cardio. Cardio is a good way to start, however, incorporating a little bit of strength training is important as well. Cardio leads to weight loss as well but strength training builds muscle. When you have more muscle you burn more calories and feel healthier and stronger overall!


Wednesday (1300-1350 Calories)

Breakfast (250-300 Calories)

100 calories gluten free yogurt

¼ cup fresh berries

¼ cup gluten-free granola

4 almonds

AM Snack (150-200 Calories)

1 slice of gluten-free bread topped with ½ sliced banana and drizzled with 2 tsp. honey

Lunch (400-450 Calories)

4 Lettuce roll ups each with 1 ounce of gluten-free turkey, ½ a slice of cheese and


10 gluten free corn tortilla chips

Snack (50-60 Calories)

12 baby carrots with 1 tbsp. hummus

Dinner (300-350 Calories)

Chicken Wrap: 1 gluten free tortilla (Trader Joes), 2 ounces of your choice of cheese (shredded), ½ cup spinach, 2 ounces chicken and ¼ cup mushrooms

1 cup side salad with 1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar

Snack (60)

1 Gluten-free flavored rice cake

Fitness Tip:

Shake things up (literally) and sign up for a calorie torching Zumba class! These classes involve upbeat dancing with fun music; these classes are so fun you don’t even realize you are working out! But you will feel it afterwards and burn a lot of calories!


Thursday (1250-1300 Calories)

Breakfast (200-250 Calories)

Breakfast Roll-Up: ¼ cup egg whites scrambled with spinach, mushrooms, and 4 thin gluten-free turkey slices rolled up into a gluten-free tortilla

AM Snack (100 Calories)

100 calorie gluten-free yogurt

Lunch (250-300 Calories)

Fiesta chicken and quinoa: 4- ounces baked chicken topped with Mrs. Dash fiesta lime seasoning (or other gluten-free seasoning), topped with ¼ cup gluten-free salsa, served alongside ½ cup cooked quinoa with lime or lemon juices drizzled on top.

Snack (80 Calories)

1 cheese low-fat stick

Dinner (400-450 Calories)

4 oz. baked sea bass with garlic, salt, pepper and lemon

1 medium sweet potato with ¼ cup plain fat-free yogurt and chives

1 cup steamed green beans

PM Snack (100 Calories)

100 calorie gluten-free pudding

Fitness Tip:

You do not have to be spending hours upon hours at the gym to engage in physical activity. Find something at home you love doing such as walking the dog, mowing the lawn, gardening, snow blowing or shoveling the drive way and many more! These activities all burn a good amount of calories and will keep you on track!


Friday (1250-1300 Calories)

Breakfast (200-250 Calories)

½ cup uncooked gluten-free oatmeal cooked with/ 6-7 walnuts or almonds and ¼ cup fresh berries

AM Snack (100 Calories)

1 low fat mozzarella cheese stick & 10 grapes

Lunch (250-300 Calories)

1 gluten-free tortilla filled with ½ cup tuna salad made with (1/2 tbsp. mayo and 1/2 tbsp. Greek yogurt) w/ red onions, lettuce and tomato

Snack (200-250 Calories)

1 rice cake topped with 1 tbsp. peanut butter and 1 tbsp. enjoy life mini chocolate chips

Dinner (400 Calories)

8 large shrimp over ½ cup gluten free quinoa pasta with 1 cup of steamed veggies and 1 tbsp. of pesto

PM Snack (50-70 Calories)

1 cup baby carrots with 1 tbsp. hummus

Fitness Tip:

If you are not interested or comfortable in joining a gym or health club, there are many additional options! There are many DVD workout series that you can find online, check amazon.com, that include cardio, Zumba, Pilates and many more! There are also free videos online that are available on hulu.com and youtube.com.


Saturday (1300-1400 Calories)

Breakfast (300-350 Calories)

Breakfast enchilada with 1 small corn tortilla, ¼ cup egg whites or egg beaters, 2 tbsp. avocado, 2 tbsp. gluten-free salsa

AM Snack (100 Calories)

100 calorie gluten-free Greek Yogurt

Lunch (350-400 Calories)

Salad with 2 cups spring mix lettuce, 6 small spears of asparagus, 1 oz. of goat cheese, 2 tbsp. gluten-free cranraisins and 2 tbsp. walnuts

1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar

1 serving of gluten-free pretzels (1oz bag serving)

Snack (100 Calories)

1 cup unsweetened applesauce with 1 tsp. cinnamon

Dinner (400-450 Calories)

4 oz. of grilled chicken

½ cup of cooked quinoa

1 cup sautéed spinach with mushrooms, garlic w/ 2 tsp. olive oil

PM Snack (60 Calories)

1 gluten-free flavored rice cake

Fitness Tip:

Stretch after you work out at least 3 times a week when your muscles are already warmed up. This will help relieve muscle pain and soreness, improve blood flow to the muscles, and improve flexibility as well as the ability to move your joints.  


Sunday (1250-1300 Calories)

Breakfast (250-300 Calories)

½ cup egg white or egg beaters omelet with (1/2 cup cooked) spinach and tomatoes

1 slice of gluten-free bread with 1 tbsp. natural peanut butter

AM Snack (100 Calories)

100 calorie gluten-free Greek Yogurt

Lunch (300-350 Calories)

Large Salad: 2 cups romaine lettuce, tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, 3 slices of avocado, ½ cup chickpeas, 2 tbsp. balsamic vinegar

Snack (100-150 Calories)

1 oz. serving gluten-free pretzel pack with 1 tbsp. hummus

Dinner (350-400 Calories)

Spicy Chicken Wrap: 1 gluten free tortilla(such as Trader Joes), 2 ounces of chicken, 2 ounces of your choice of cheese, 1/4 cup tomatoes, ¼ cup peppers and onions, 2 tbsp. plain Greek yogurt for dipping, hot sauce if desired

1 cup side salad with 1 tbsp. balsamic vinegar

PM Snack (100 Calories)

100 calorie gluten-free ice pop ☺

Fitness Tip:

Incorporate a low intensity, strengthening workout into your exercise routine such as yoga or Pilates. This will improve mental concentration and improve mindfulness which keeps you in tune with your body. These exercises are important in learning to listen to and appreciate everything your body does for you.


Created by

Marlisa Brown MS, RD, CDE, CDN (Author “Gluten-Free, Hassle-Free” and “Easy, Gluten-Free”

Courtney April, dietetic intern Stony Brook University

Breeanna Verna, dietetic student, SUNY College at Oneonta

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